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Barcode Scanner

OPTICON OPR 2001 USB Laser Scanner


- The OPR 2001 is the newest innovation in laser barcode scanning from Opticon. Matching the OPR 2001’s aggressive scanning performance with its stylish award winning design make the OPR 2001 not only a powerful business tool, but also a unique peripheral to your computer system.

- The OPR 2001 features the MDL laser scanning engine that powers its 100 scan per second capability. The OPR 2001’s scanning ability is not only aggressive, but also is fully programmable providing the flexibility to enable the scanner to fit into your operational needs. The OPR 2001’s uniquely ergonomic design and brushed rubber finish not only makes it a natural fit to your hand, but also gives it a comfortable feel that make you want to hold it all day.


Power Supply Voltage:
DC 4.5 - 6.5 V (RS232C)
DC 4.5 - 5.5 V (Keyboard Wedge / USB (HID))

Dimensions: OPR-2001
56(W)x 151(L)x 30.5(H)mm
2.20(W)x 5.94(L)x 1.20(H)inches

Supported Symbologies:
UPC-A,UPC-A Add-on,UPC-E, UPC-E Add-on,EAN-13,EAN-13 Add-on,,EAN-8,EAN-8 Add-on





Eclipse MS5145 Laser


Metrologic's MS5145 Eclipse Barcode Scanner is a single-line, hand-held laser scanner. Equipped with Metrologic's patented Codegate technology, Eclipse can be used in a wide range of applications. Codegate technology allows the user to easily target the desired bar code and complete the data transmission with a simple press of a button. This combination makes Eclipse a perfect selection for menu scanning, point of sale, document processing and inventory control. Eclipse has a longer working range and a wider scan field than a typical CCD.


5.2 VDC +0.25 V

System Interfaces:
PC Keyboard Wedge, RS232, IBM 468x/469x, Stand Alone Keyboard, USB

Dimensions: Length:
169 mm (6.7") Width handle: 40 mm (1.6") Height handle: 31 mm (1.2") - Width head: 63 mm (2.5") Height head: 35 mm (1.4")




Argox AS-8110 Barcode Scanner  


The Argoscan 8110 scanner offers excellent scanning performance at an attractive, entry-level price. The AS-8110 reads from contact to 50mm from the barcode and provides accurate decoding in seconds. This scanner features ultra-low power consumption and an all-in-one universal host interface. A Windows utility is included.



- Optical System : 2048 pixel CCD (Charge-coupled device)
- Interface : USB


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