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Mobile License

Access UBS had come out new method of licensing. This Mobile License provides convenience for user to continue working with the system anywhere, anytime, when he/she is out of the office.

Access UBS Mobile license allows you to take your license with you and work remotely on any workstation outside the office. With a ‘virtual’ dongle, you can tap all the benefits of being mobile and avoid the potential replacement cost

In a multi-user environment, other users can still continue to work on the system in the office as their licenses will not be affected at all.

Access UBS mobile license come with the following benefits and flexibility:

1. User can check out 1 user license from the host PC each time – this will allow other users to continue working on the system with the remaining user license.

2. User can check out multiple company database from the host PC each time; for editing (updating data) or viewing – all at your sole discretion on the check-out usage.

3. Save the mobile license file in any storage device – thumb drive, external hard disk or memory card.

4. Install the mobile license at any client PC that is preinstalled with Access UBS system.

Note: The mobile license is valid for a maximum of 14 days. 
User can also set the validity timeframe of the mobile license during the check-out process.

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