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About Access UBS Computerized Accounting System

Access UBS Computerised Accounting System performs all your tedious financial record keeping and reporting needs, which are normally found in manual accounting system.

It is a comprehensive accounting program specially designed to suit the size and nature of your business. It can be used alone or as part of an integrated system with other accounting and management program.

Access UBS Computerised Accounting System is so flexible that it allows you to create and maintain General Ledger, Debtors and Creditors Ledgers, enter transactions from your source documents and obtain Journal listings and all financial reports, without having to do posting. It allows comprehensive operations to anyone by just having basic accounting knowledge.

It is a user friendly system. It is non technical making it much easier and simple for anyone with minimum knowledge of computer.

Who Should Attend

  • Accounts Assistants
  • Accounts Executives
  • Accountant
  • Financial Assistants
  • Business Operators
  • Anyone who needs to manage accounts

Course Contents

Lesson 1

  • Keyboarding
  • Creating Chart of Accounts
  • Add Transactions
  • Edit Chart of Accounts
  • Edit Transactions
  • Delete Unwanted Transactions
  • Print Chart of Accounts, General Ledger and Profit & Loss Accounts

Lesson 2

  • Create Chart of Accounts
  • Organise Batches according to type of transactions
  • Be able to differentiate between Add Transactions and Quick Entries
  • Knowing how to Edit/Delete Accounts and Transactions
  • Be able to print out reports
  • Clear all files

Lesson 3

  • Create Chart of Accounts
  • Enter Opening Balances for the first month of a financial year
  • Maintain Opening and Closing Stock Values to produce Trading and Profit & Loss Account
  • Maintain Stock Values to produce Balance Sheet
  • Lock & Unlock Batches
  • Month End Processing
  • Clear transactions only

Lesson 4

  • Enter Opening Balances for any month of a financial year
  • Distribute the Debtor’s Aging
  • Using the Appropriation Account for Corporation Tax and Dividends
  • Year End Processing to close the accounts
  • Transactions involving Period 13

Lesson 5

  • Use project code to handle department account
  • The students should be able to extend the concept to other type of account such as contract account with many projects, organisation with many cost centre, etc

Lesson 6

  • Create chart of Account for Manufacturing Account
  • Usage of the Special Account – S.A.
  • Maintain multiple opening and closing stock
  • Print report for Manufacturing Account

Lesson 7

  • Handling of business documents ie Sales Invoice, Purchases Invoice, Payment Voucher, Official Receipt
  • To enable students to have a practical experience of bookkeeping.

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